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“Our research indicates that the VCS will become the leading standard against which all voluntary offset projects are judged.”

Ricardo Bayon
Chair Ecosystem Marketplace – Technical Advisory Committee.

Investment Model

How it Works

How does the investment work?

In order to find and recommend the best projects worldwide we work closely with key players in our market sector, enabling our clients to purchase verified carbon credits and participate in an established globally recognised carbon trading platform. All carbon emission purchases made through Green Investment Services have the option to take part in the full cycle services from product purchase, to exit. You will not have to trade on international exchanges, with institutions and companies by yourself.


  • Purchasing credits from Green Investment Services ensures that you are receiving premium carbon credits which represent real emissions reductions.
  • Green Investment Services has managed to keep credit prices extremely competitive.
  • By selling these on to companies and individuals, investors are able to profit from the growing demand for carbon credits.


Who’s buying them?

Once your credit has been delivered you have three choices. One, you may wish to hold your credit and choose to sell it at a later date. Two, as it is your property you may sell your credit yourself on the open market. Thirdly, you can sell it via trading exchanges or institutions and commercial enterprises.

Green Investment Services works with a wide range of companies and their partners, big and small, to help offset their emissions. The list of companies using carbon credits to comply with environmental objectives is constantly growing; see examples below, providing a strong credit trading market.