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Types of Projects

The following project types generate carbon credits:

Renewable energy sources

renewable energy sourcesBy creating a renewable energy source, such as a wind farm or hydro-electricity plant, significant reductions in GHG emissions are generated, creating carbon credits. This is a popular type of credit for companies to purchase. This type of project has the added benefit of providing power as well as reducing emissions.
Capture of fugitive emission and waste handling and disposal

By developing and installing technology which captures emissions and waste and then either disposes of it in an environmentally friendly way or reuses it, the result is reduction in GHGs.

Manufacturing and Chemical Industries

These projects involve changing manufacturing processes to make them more environmentally-friendly. Industrial process changes can make significant reductions in carbon emissions.


By changing agricultural process techniques to methods which are more environmentally friendly, significant reductions in carbon emission can be achieved.
Mining and Metal production

These types of projects involve changing production processes to make them more environmentally-friendly. Industrial process changes can make significant reductions in carbon emissions.


This refers to the process of switching transportation options to less carbon intensive means or introducing new technologies to improve vehicle fuel efficiency.

Afforestation & Reforestation

Forests are one of the most useful ways of reducing carbon as they naturally absorb GHGs. Afforestation refers to the process of establishing a forest on land that has never been a forest, or has not been one for a considerable period of time. Reforestation refers to restocking existing forests and woodlands which have been depleted. Projects such as these have the added benefit of safeguarding the habitat of hundreds of species of animals which rely on forest and rainforest for survival.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment facilities have significant impact on reducing the environmental effects of various wastewater producing process and factories.

Industries which use innovation and technology to reduce this environmental impact are suitable for significant credits based on CO2 reduction.

Methane Capture

Many process and industries produce environmentally harmful methane, from landfill sites to mines and farms.

Methane capture systems are a cost effective way of tackling climate change, and use proven technologies to address global warming. Methane fired power plants are already in use, turning the waste into energy, with the result being that projects such as these all produce carbon credits.