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China to have world's 2nd largest carbon trading scheme by 2014

24th January, 2013

China will have the world's second largest carbon trading scheme by 2014, or twice as big as Australia's regime, a latest report showed Thursday.

Carbon price of $29 'not implausible', says Blair Comley

20th January, 2013

THE head of the federal climate change department says it is "not implausible" the European carbon price could rise to $29 a tonne by mid-2015, when Australia's emissions trading scheme begins.


Car Manufacturers Gain Carbon Credits Incentives Going Green

14th October, 2011

carbon credits incentivesA new European Commission regulation means that car manufacturers will receive carbon emissions credits if their new productions are installed with approved eco-innovations technologies.

Carmakers will receive carbon credits in recognition of their efforts in reducing their CO2 emissions in newly manufactured car models. Passenger cars in the EU are responsible for around 12 percent of Europe’s total carbon dioxide emissions.

The new legislation adopted by the European Commission (EC) will help the motor industry meet the European target of reducing CO2 emissions from new cars to an average of 130 grams of CO2 per kilometre by 2015. The eco-innovations will count for up to 7g/km towards the target.

The EC’s climate action committee stated that the technology should aim to improve vehicle propulsion or the energy consumption of devices that are mandatory without compromising vehicle safety. They offer an example where solar panels that convert sunlight into electric energy could qualify as an eco-innovation, but an energy-efficient in-car music system would not.

The commission expects that from next year, 65 percent of each manufacturer’s newly registered cars must comply on average with the limit value curve set by the adopted EU legislation. Car manufacturers whose fleet average exceeds the limit will be penalised for each car registered.
The level will increase to 75 percent in 2013, 80 percent in 2014, and from 2015 onwards levels to rise to a complete 100 percent.

Already a target of 95 g/km is set for 2020. Details on how that target could be achieved will be defined in a review in 2013.

Carmakers and component suppliers will submit individual eco-innovation applications adopting the EC’s advice to their registry for approval. The EC adds that the actual carbon dioxide savings from the eco-innovations technologies for each specific car will be certified as part of the vehicle type approval procedure.