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China to have world's 2nd largest carbon trading scheme by 2014

24th January, 2013

China will have the world's second largest carbon trading scheme by 2014, or twice as big as Australia's regime, a latest report showed Thursday.

Carbon price of $29 'not implausible', says Blair Comley

20th January, 2013

THE head of the federal climate change department says it is "not implausible" the European carbon price could rise to $29 a tonne by mid-2015, when Australia's emissions trading scheme begins.


New World Carbon

As with any investment, it is extremely important that an investor perform their due diligence when exercising an investment decision.  One must also clearly identify the risk versus the reward inherent in the position being considered.

Based on our extensive research performed on the Carbon Market, it would appear as though the reward trumps the risk when it comes to investing in this rapidly growing emerging market.

Clearly, there is an enormous amount of pressure on the US to join the rest of the world and develop methods to reduce its enormous amount of carbon emissions.   President Barack Obama has already pledged that the US will reduce its carbon emissions by 20% of 2005 levels by 2020 and by 83% of 2005 levels by 2050.  This pledge will not be attainable without the US enacting a Cap and Trade system that places a high price on Carbon pollution in order to incentivise America´s largest polluters to reduce their carbon emissions.

Additional impetus for the US to move forward with a comprehensive Cap and Trade system is currently being provided by China. China has taken the lead on clean energy development and just recently announced that it will establish its own Carbon Trading Market by 2012. China´s announcement places extraordinary pressure on the US to follow suit.  President Obama was quoted earlier this year in his State of the Union address as saying “the nation that leads the world in clean energy development, will lead the world in the 21st Century.”  Therefore, the pressure will increasingly mount on the US to push forward with passing legislation that puts a price on carbon in the next couple of years.

Furthermore, the US is in desperate need to boost its economy and spur job creation.  Adoption of the American Power Act may be the boost that the nation needs to spur innovation and job growth while simultaneously reducing the environmental ravages of carbon emissions. As a result of all these factors we have researched, it is our firm belief that it is not a matter of “if” the US adopts a Cap and Trade system, but it is simply a matter of “when”.  Therefore, it is our recommendation that savvy investors should seek ways to properly position themselves in order to profit handsomely from this expected rapid market.

To maximise returns, such an investment should be made prior to the US adoption of a Federal Carbon Market through a Cap and Trade system. With voluntary US carbon credits trading relatively low, we firmly believe that those with the foresight to enter at these current low levels stand to realistically earn 25% - 30% returns per annum. Given the current dim global economic outlook, investors will be hard pressed to find other opportunities that can compete with those expected returns.