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China to have world's 2nd largest carbon trading scheme by 2014

24th January, 2013

China will have the world's second largest carbon trading scheme by 2014, or twice as big as Australia's regime, a latest report showed Thursday.

Carbon price of $29 'not implausible', says Blair Comley

20th January, 2013

THE head of the federal climate change department says it is "not implausible" the European carbon price could rise to $29 a tonne by mid-2015, when Australia's emissions trading scheme begins.

The Swift Expansion of the Socially Responsible Investment Market

A key indicator of just how important Socially Responsible Investing has become, is how quickly the market has grown.

In 1995 the Social Investment Forum released a report: “Socially Responsible Investing in the United States”.  When this report was published the SRI market was valued at $639 billion to being worth $2.71 billion in 2007, an increase of 324% in only 12 years. As a result, SRI investing is now considered a mainstream investment market, and as such major institutions now promote their own SRI products to their clients.

Pension and endowment funds are governed by strict rules on what investments they may consider placing their clients’ money into. These criteria generally involve strict due diligence that includes a thorough assessment of risk versus reward. SRI investments have attracted many of these funds, which shows that investing in the SRI market does not impede financial returns.

Green Investment Services understand that we can make a positive difference to the world, and also help our clients make money.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

The good news is it is possible to make money yet at the same time care for people and the environment.

Until recently, ethical and socially responsible investing were considered niche markets. However, in the last few years, people have begun to realise that their investment decisions can have a profound positive impact on a global scale. In response to this investor demand, companies such as Green Investment Services have been established to provide these more astute and sophisticated investors with the kind of opportunities they have been looking for.

Green Investment Services only consider projects which provide environmental benefits, maintain bio-diversity and help local communities. These help to alleviate poverty in developing countries, combat climate change and protect natural habitats.

High Returns from Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible market indices such as the Domini 400 that started being compiled in 1990 have consistently outperformed major indices such as the S&P 500. Investors large and small are starting to realise that investing responsibly can be highly profitable, even when compared to investing in traditional asset classes.

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