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Why Us

In a market now worth approximately US$144 billion, Carbon Emissions Trading is set to eclipse all proceeding markets. Green Investment Services is a partnership with offices in London, that provides consultation to clients on socially responsible investments. Our primary area of expertise is on carbon reduction projects, such as those involved in the renewable energy sector.

We aim to find low-risk yet high return investments which fit our clients’ medium to long-term objectives by providing access for our clients to the carbon trading market in an innovative and forward thinking way, offering the trading of VERs via its network of professional carbon brokers.

Investing in ethical investments can diversify and strengthen our clients’ portfolios, and provide peace of mind for our environmentally conscious investors. In order to find and recommend the best projects worldwide we work closely with key players in our market sector, enabling our clients to purchase verified carbon credits and participate in an established globally recognised carbon trading platform.

We believe that our clients can make money and protect the environment at the same time. This philosophy underpins our entire business.


  • Each project must benefit the environment
  • The market should be resilient and offer good opportunities for profit
  • The investment structure should be both secure and transparent
  • There should be adequate regulation and defined minimum standards
  • An exit strategy should be clear from the outset