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  • Low entry levels from only 5,000 euro’s.
  • Highly skilled compliance team of carbon specialists will locate premium carbon credits in the most desirable sectors at competitive prices allowing area for growth.
  • All Projects independently verified by some of the largest independent auditing companies worldwide who quantify, approve and certify the Carbon credit is genuinely an environmental benefit.
  • All credits are of verified carbon standard (VCS).
  • Potential returns of up to 42% by 2013 as predicted by Barclay’s PLC.
  • Ethical investment, environmentally friendly.
  • Helping to reduce climate change.
  • Green Investment services will provide you with regular news, updates and new projects in this fast moving market.
  • Free portfolio review and management


Carbon emissions trading, or cap-and-trade schemes, which allow companies to buy or sell “credits” that collectively bind all participating companies to an overall emissions limit. While markets operate for specific pollutants such as greenhouse gases and acid rain, by far the biggest emissions market is for carbon. In 2007, the trade market for C02 credits hit $60 billion worldwide — almost double the amount from 2006, and in 2010 the trade market has grown exponentially to just over $141 billion.

Industry watchers say carbon markets will continue to grow at a fast clip — especially in the United States, where Fortune 500 powerhouses such as DuPont, Ford, and IBM are voluntarily capping and trading their emissions. Even though a national cap on carbon emissions doesn’t yet exist in the United States, most consider it inevitable, and legislators are already pushing the issue in Congress. This applies even more so in the booming economies in China, India and Brazil.

From an investment angle: Buying into the carbon market boom now suggests significant dividends later on. Carbon credits are relatively cheap now, but their value will likely rise, giving companies another reason to participate.